Church Websites : How to Build Beautiful Church Websites |

Church Websites : How to Build Beautiful Church Websites |

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Looking for a stellar church website that will wow newcomers? Look no further! This video on how to build a church website will show you how you can have a beautiful church website design using Sharefaith church websites! Sharefaith church websites is an award winning church website editor! Winner of Worship Leader Magazine’s Best of the Best Award, Sharefaith church websites has helped nearly 10,000 churches and ministries create a stunning and beautiful church website! Sharefaith’s church website editor is lightyears ahead of anything you are using now. Known as the Squarespace for churches, you’ll love how easy it is to build and edit your church website with our 100% drag and drop editor. No coding, html or javascript knowledge needed! We make web development for churches easy! If you are familiar with wordpress, you’ll love Sharefaith church websites! With awesome features such as online tithing and giving, audio and video sermons, calendar, email and hosting, blogs, podcasting, and a built in graphics editor. The sky is the limit! Take Sharefaith church websites for a test drive today:

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